An overview of the functions and features of the programs are listed below.

The program files are available on the Downloads page.


The MagicLantern program allows projected digital image (PDI) competition projects to be created and presented by camera clubs. The competition Title, Subject, Date and Judge can be inserted.

Digital Image entries can be added manually or by importing a submission file created by the MLSlide program, which automatically adds the entry title, author and other data associated with the entry.

During the competition presentation the images can be Previewed, a Score applied or Held back for further consideration by the judge. When all the entries have been scored then the Placings (1st, 2nd etc) can be calculated. If there is a tied place then the judge is presented with the images to make a selection for the place.

  • All competition data, including the images is contained in a single file

  • Editing and Presentation are combine in a single program. 'Last minute' changes or additions can be made without running a separate program and re-saving files etc.

  • Digital Image and Print competition types are available

  • Panel competitions are available for the above competition types

  • Club and Interclub competition types are available

  • Scoring modes include 10 or 20 points maximum

  • Half-Marks available

  • Award-based mode where no points are awarded

  • A reference image can be inserted for Print entries to aid the projectionist during competition presentation

  • The entry list can be randomized in various patterns

  • Entries can be added manually or by importing a submission file created by the member

  • A custom title screen can be displayed at the start of a competition presentation

  • The images can be previewed with a consistent delay between images

  • A score can be applied to each image or the image can be held back by the judge

  • An Award can be assigned to an image. This could be from a global list or specific to a particular competition

  • Places are awarded according to the score given. Where two or more images have the same score they are presented to the judge for his or her final decision

  • Interclub competitions show the total scores achieved by each club

  • Competition results can be exported as PDF or CSV text files

  • and much more.....


MLSlide is a program to be used by club members (or other clubs for Interclub competitions) to create their competition submissions. The file is imported into MagicLantern and inserts the entry and author details directly into the competition. This program is available for Windows and Macintosh computers.

  • The data and images are contained in one file

  • Windows and Macintosh versions available

  • Competitions available from a list

  • A 'Custom' option is available for competitions not listed

  • The competition list can be updated within MagicLantern and the update file can be inserted into MLSlide

  • Digital Image and Print submissions can be created

  • Panel competition submissions can be created

  • Panel composite images (which contain the individual panel image) are created automatically as the entry images are added.

  • The Panel composite image can be replaced by an image created by the author

  • A reference image can be used in Print entries to replace the default Text only image